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Howdy friends,

Today I want to share a poem I wrote sometimes last year, during my last days as a soldier. Surprised ? Haha, yes! I was once a soldier in the Nigerian Airforce but I had to resign just so I could really follow my dreams and do what I'm really passionate about.
I wrote this poem with with a lot of emotions and tears in my eyes; though I didn't let it drop, so I guess I'm a strong man after all.

So, there you go! Read and enjoy.

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Born to thrive even in the storm

I'm the King of the Skies

At least that's what I'm called

Born to rule the big wide blue sky

Ruling and predating with my claws

Fear has never been my flaws

Up up in the sky I soar

No doubt I'm the king of the skies

But how did it all go sour?

Like the sun set, glory gradually faded

From the skies to the cage, nearly a decade I've already waited

Waited for the time to breakout of this little rugged cage

But how longer do I have to wait?

Waiting for years to break into my natural habitat

Oh my home! The big wide blue sky

The greatness in me can no longer be caged

So many potentials as an eaglet

Rapidly running, that is my age

Oh! now I'm burning, burning with rage

Greatness can no longer be contained

I'm free, into the sky I flee

Oh! empty little rugged cage

I'm that big proud Eagle

The big wide blue sky is where I prevail

The sparrows and parrots you can retain

Up up in the sky I soar

My big wide wings open I spread

Soaring and yawing gloriously in the air

Up up in the sky I soar

Born to rule the big wide blue sky

Ruling and predating with my claws

And then the journey began


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