SteemitPoetryContest-16-Imagination-Story of a Poet

in #poetry4 years ago (edited)

Once again, thanks to @terrycraft for giving poets on steemit the chance to share their creativity with the world......May the best poets win!!!!

Imagination-Story of a Poet

Stoke the fires of imagination,
let your consciousness travel beyond nations,
traverse time and space-no limitations.
Bring your dreams to life-your creations!

Write a poem with inspiration,
stimulate minds with words of motivation;
heal the masses with your formulations,
the world truly needs the products of your imagination!

And when the end comes-just like a sudden punctuation;
and your soul is lifted to the skies-no trepidation's!
Your words, thoughts and imaginations,
would have created a race of better nations!

Cheers folks.....Feel free to comment, upvote, and resteem.

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