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I want to sleep eternally,

to tell god to the sun

 and say hello to the moon.

I want to sleep for

dream that I'm awake

and feel free while I dream.

If I sleep alive,

If I wake up I die

if I sleep I feel freedom,

if I wake up I feel slavery.

 I want to sleep for

say hello to our mother, moon

I want to sleep so that

miserable of the day we do not

torment in our most intimate dream.

We do not sleep out of necessity, but

because we want to have a life of freedom,

and our dream is the only place.

We sleep because a dream is like a dream

life full of adventures and emotions.

Why wake up? If our dream

It's like real life.

Why wake up? If there is a wretch of

yellow color, which burns us on a summer day.

We sleep because the thought

and the dream, it is a wonderful and special place.

I just want to sleep to feel in PEACE .......

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