Last Night; the Ghost was Here | #Poetry

in #poetry3 years ago

To encounter a ghost, you not need to be a haunted chamber,

You do not need to be an abandoned home,

The Bran is all you need, with its intricate corridors,

A mental space.

It takes you far, in a midnight meeting,

Here, the external ghost comes,

The interior so comforting, confronts

You are surely the target host, all in white.

Though far and safe you feel, just a step away,

The stones come chasing, at zero speed you are,

Self-encounter, the moonless moment,

Lonely place, nowhere to hide.

Behind are you, ahead is you,

Startled you are, the most you get,

Assassin behind you, the house in your mind

Horrors abound, the least to shake.

Revolver is your shield, prudent you are not,

The doors bolts, the light so bright,

Face to face you come, superior the ghost,

Closer you are, awake you force, 

Its morning!

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