I just can't skip, I just won't do it. Day 20.

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Skip day skip day
Take a skip day,
For all our sakes girl
Give it away.

Nothing to say
Then cease to speak,
Give us a break
Stop flapping that beak.

Think of the horse
That horse you're flogging,
Think of the ditch you've
Both been bogged in.

Drag that horse
Out of that hole,
You nasty wench
Stop nagging that foal.

Please oh please
Give up the rhyme,
Take a break
We all the need the time.

Relentless you
Keep plugging on,
Not a single notion
Yet you jabber on.


Take just one
Just one damn day,
Free us from
You word decay.

Let it go
Please let it be,
We beg of you please
Set us free.

But you just can't do it
You simply won't stop,
No matter the damage
From your word soup slop.

Your names not Seuss
And your rhymes aren't great,
They are terrible and Liable
To insight hate.

Just yesterday
Thieved from thimbletack,
With you run click clack
Tacked end you hack.


Your ego drives you
Past your bounds,
Give up or we'll
Release the hounds.

Stop it stop
No further now,
Open your eyes
You sorry cow.


The jig is up
The joke expired,
It's way past time
That you retired.

Give it up
You are obsessed,
Of literary merits
You've not been blessed.

But I just can't stop
Can't turn back now,
Once I get started
I don't know how.


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This is your poem with the best meter and rhythm.

And humor ... lovely. Poets spend too much time wallowing in dark and dreary places.

One piece of advice: Write couplets as couplets (two lines)... not 4-line stanzas. The line-breaks are creating "full pauses" where there ought be only half-pauses.

The "power of prosody is in the pause." You must control not only the words, but the silence between them.

There were a few snags along the way but this was so fun to read I really did not mind :D

Yes, it id like everything, posted too fast and not edited at all. I reread today and recognised the snags. I like that word, that describes it well. I may get to edit before these things are locked in a chain, or I may just accept the flaws as part of the process.

rough, but in an endearing way that voices the thoughts I know I have, and am sure all of us entertaining this 100 day journey have, on those difficult days.

Always happy to have time to catch up with some of your writings, you might be the only one I had communicated with in this competition pre this competition, so it's just so nice to have a companion through the process.

All the best always & forever. <3

I have a few unrelated sentences. That is it. They are just loosely associated ideas scratched on paper.
Today may be my skip day.
Were you in class today? It was me that dropped the Poe on them. I forgot how long The raven is. Daniel read it to me, and the class, just before dawn.
You write like an artist. Now that I hear you speak, I can see how much is based on knowledge and a breadth of exposure to poetry and writing.
You are an asset to the class.

Your writing are gaining strength more and more, day by day.

Your ego drives you
Past your bounds,
Give up or we'll
Release the hounds.

Never give up sister!
(I love that selfie of you biting your own tail btw)


It's captured my good side. 😇

Hahaha and brava brava brava. That was awesome.

I enjoyed the pattern of rhymes in the first few stanzas.

Simple, interesting one you have here.

Definitely simple...
I'm not sure if you jest, my teenager read it and said. "Oh my god mum that is the worst, it is so bad, it's embarrassing. You can't put that there." 😂
I always try to embarrass my kids, I think it is good for them, so I achieved something.😆