Personal writing: The inner battle

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The inner battle 

People enter and leave your life, yes, it’s true 

Life carries on, you move on, you change, oh what a thought  

Everything happens for a reason but it’s hard to accept 

Life changes you for the better or for the worse I know 

I’ll never let my emotions dictate my actions no more 

My heart wants it and for that I am sure  

What the heart wants is not always for the best we know 

But my head is something that I find hard to dictate  

Life Is unexpected, unforeseen and imperfect at best 

Time keeps ticking, keeps going on, I know 

It waits for no man, theses clock will not stop 

 It cannot be stopped or wavered at all. 

It is the sweet essence of a miracle for 

They shall forever turn.     

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my power isn't much but I really like your poem.
I followed you when you commented on mine.
when Steemit communities start I want to make the one for poetry.
would you join me?

Thank you so much!! That really means a lot and yes I would love to you join. Keep in touch! :)

I think your poems are very inspiring and thought provoking.

Thank you very much. I love the feed back it's very appreciated. I would also love any constructive criticism :)

Very eye opening. Great stuff

Thank you so much!!

Such an amazing deep poem! I love your work👍🏾 keep at it.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!! :)

Love this! Everyone is fighting an inner battle:) Beautifully written. Keep it up 😘 xoxo

Thank you so much! Your comment means a lot, I've followed you I can't wait to look at your posts:) x

Wow you are too sweet!!!! Love your enthusiasm. 😍 😍 Same here:) Will keep in touch! xoxo

Thank you so are you!! Please do I will definitely keep in touch too! :) x

I like this one. Keep up the good work!


I love it... you're tapping into your inner strength and bringing out the words with ease. Beautiful

Great poem I could not find the resteem button. I have started following you can feel your talent. #circleoffriends