Me and the dark stars

in #poetry4 years ago

Sweet little caterpillar,
Slowly, silently,
Drills into a mulberry,
In the moonlight.
And I,
Watch her dance,
In pond's reflection,
The dark stars,
laugh at me,
Vividly and voidly.
I laugh back,
And stare and stare,
Without reason,
Without reason.
The cool wind,
Hits my eyes,
Shifts my tears,
Into the pond,
And I,
Watch ripples on the water,
Rippling to eternity.
But the wind,
Ever so coy and calm,
Increases intensity,
Turns turvy,
Blows beastly,
O' no!
The little caterpillar in the mulberry,
Falls into the pond,
Sullen silence!
I shift tears,
Into the pond,
Curse ripples on the water,
Rippling to ephemerality,
Just me and my tears.
Just me and the dark stars.

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