Patience dear, there is always love for you

in #poetry3 years ago


Dark twilight in the folding horizon
mist accumulated in the air trees
shadow fostered imagination
a deserted retreat in time to wait
I ran my response
about the self that is perceiving
a heartache that is also a pity
as if you were on your own in this long wait
I'm here too
eye twinkle one morning
which I cultivate at the end of the eye
in soft voice


so the wind passes the letter of love
that never ages
your patience for the trials I have promised happiness
When I get back in the trap
about love that never dies
There's always love for you



really nice

thanks my broo

your welcome

Pemandangan yang sangat indah..
Puisinya jg bagus..

trimakasih banyak mbak udh singgah

suka pemandanannya, keren banget

trimakasih kawan

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