To a Friend

in #poetry3 years ago


Before death approaches and betrays,
gripping from behind 'when we do not see,
as long as it is still wavy in the chest of blood and taste,

has not been duty disappointed and tremble yet,
not to forget suddenly could be the night of the sunset,
flashing red screens lost in the dark,
friend, let's decide here now:
The dangers that attract us, also strangle ourselves!

Fill the glass completely then empty,
Translucent roaming this world and turning it over
Hug a woman kucup, leave if seduced,
Choose the wildest horse, speed race,
Do not moor on day and night

Destroy again what you do,
Missing sonder heirloom, sonder relatives.
Do not ask forgiveness for all sins,
Do not give farewell to anyone!

let's decide once more:
The dangers that attract us, do not feel the sky is lonely,
Again friends, one more line:
Lay your sword up to the top
On who powers honey purity !!!


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