Big Boys do not cry

in #poetry3 years ago

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Big boys do not cry
They just locked their tears within their vein and keep praying constantly it doesn't erupt like a volcano
Although their kneels hurt, they have prayed for too long
It all seems their words are repetition of their tears
But they do not cry
They shed their skins, lose their scars and be a man
But there are days they lose this strength which is fueled by pretence


I kinda prefer the men that can cry. The type that could be free in the arms of the one they love and let it all out.

To me, they are the strongest of men. They let their emotions out and remind their better half that they are humans.


But society makes us feel like we should not cry..

They have their own way of free-styling cries

Crying does not make a man less of a man. A man should learn to express his emotions whenever.

Oh puhlezzzzzz

Big boys cry the most.


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