April's Dracula

in #poetry3 years ago


April is in love,
Deep down she was taught that only fools fall in love.
What is the essence of falling,
If no one will be there to catch you?
As grandpa will alway say;
Did granny tell you she was chosen twice?
Love, these days exist not in this part of the world,
Talk more of falling into an alien arm.
How could you be in love with a vampire?
And you think you will not be a meal someday.
He is not a vampire, said April;
Though you see him as a beast,
But the beauty that I saw is what no one can comprehend.
April fool!
Fool you are April.
Love is blind, they say;
I have never believed it until now.
He is my prince charming,
I love him, papa.
April cried out.
The tears in her eyes,
Is enough to wash a million dish.
For the rhythm in her heart,
Even from afar Sam will interpret.
What is love, if not sacrifice?
April will run to the woods,
In search of her lover,
Following the beat of his heart,
And singing to the rhythm till day break.
"In a world where no one,
has no love for you.
Nothing will stop me,
from loving you"
That she will say,
Knowing that she might be a prey,
But some how she believes love will have its way.
The bow is set,
The arrow is ready.
This night we go for the game,
To quench that love flame.
As grandpa will say;
I have never missed before.
Granny will add;
An arrow to the heart, is sure to kill the cat.
Then night comes,
For the first time Grandpa missed the target,
The arrow pierced April's heart.
And Sam said; Darling stay with me,
A bite will make you be like me,
A bite is sure to turn you a beauty, into a beast like me.
And April said in pain;
If you don't bite me, who will?
Do it and this love will forever have its way.
Sam will hesitate,
But have no choice, than to extend the race.
Sam bite gives life to April,
In that love finally have its way.

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