100's & 50's in American cash

in #poetry4 years ago


What is it about that American dollar that makes me laugh & cry?

I guess it's the glamour of the eagles and birds in the sky.

Why can't I be satisfied with only a poor man's house?

Probably because I'm a cat looking to eat a mouse.

Sometimes I think that school was just a phase.

Now I think it was to learn how to make it through the maze.

Driving around in a brand new car wearing the latest styles.

Feels like my lambo is gonna drive me a million miles.

The watch on my wrist is solid gold.

It's worth so much, it can't be sold.

I'm so rich and i live so bold.

I can afford to pay the heat bills and not be cold.

Amazing how my computer made me so rich.

Never even had to marry a Queen or a wealthy bitch.

Writing poems on steemit is my nitch.

My 500 inch TV screen never has a glitch.

Being this rich, I always have a healthy stash.

I got nothing but 100's & 50's in American cash!



@jamie-smith Very creative and witty poetry! Great to see back posting here at Steemit again!