"The Shifting Sands of Memories" a sonnet

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I walk among the dunes of my dreams,
As I travel into the new day.
And the Shifting Sands of Memories
Are crowding my feet along the way.

Resisting the urges to return,
I hear my bedroom calling to me,
My day calls me too; for it I yearn.
On this day I have joy to set free.

Sunlight burns my eyes, warming my face;
I boldly step out; uncertainly.
Making my way, controlling my pace.
Driven to share myself Earnestly.

The haunting echoes of my night dreams,
Drives me onward as the sunlight beams

“Shifting Sands of Memories”

a sonnet

Jerry E Smith
Robe, Australia-Christian Holzinger

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Hey bud, just been workin, grindin at the lab basically. Enduring these market movements and getting wrapped up i guess. Trying to trade a little but its stressin a duck out lol. Dam man, i havent logged in for a while, lemme reset my password on there.

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