Dear Ethiopia

in #poetrylast year


I realize you are embarrassed

We call you everything,

In any case, never by your name

Associated through loathe,

furthermore, isolated by clans

Prepared to execute

just to fortify our sides

Siblings and sisters

Seen as adversaries

Still spooky by our past

which occurred over hundreds of years

A casualty of our reasoning,

a mentally conditioned age

What number of lifes do we need to forfeit

until we understand we're one country ?

Until we open our eyes

also, see we shed a similar blood

We may be not all precisely the same

be that as it may, we are made by a similar God

We should step forward,

furthermore, quit thinking back

How about we love each other once more,

Harmony is never made by assaults

We should pardon and be excused,

give us a chance to return as one

We should put our ethnicity by side,

Ethiopia is the place we all from.

How about we recollect our grandparents,

they just kicked the bucket so we can exist

We should put Ethiopia first,

since that is the thing that she genuinely missed.

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