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"Hard days can be adapted.

Be that as it may, it depends of to what extent,

I need to sit tight for wanted change.

Coz I can't see a haze of new day

or on the other hand a light emission light flying,

towards us, or even near our range"

That it is the manner by which she let him know on the grounds that

he was a youthful spouse likewise jobless.

This reminds his past when he thought,

he will support and accommodate his family,

what's more, presently he can't make it on the grounds that,

He is such A poor spouse likewise a jobless.

He had been hit a great many punches,

By the hands that intended to recuperate him.

his whiskers has been doused of tears.

For long than he could recollect.

He got pounds of rests however he can't,

Since he can't ease without picking up.

Purpose behind cautioning his younger siblings,

That marriage resembles a solitary doored city

with war inside, encompassed by planted

embellished dividers covered with brilliant legends.

Hoards ready to go through doors,

While thousands wish if there were a departure.

He included that victors were valiant,

Enough to respect The ruler who later empowered them,

What's more, without him there is no something else.

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