Strong women's words

in #poetrylast year


I am a lady

I am a human

who doesn't care to be affronted by men.

I am not solid

be that as it may, don't misunderstand me

I probably won't be solid

be that as it may, I have multicolor.

I can deal with torment

also, I generally achieve.

I am lovely, amazing

also, constantly thankful.

I am multi tasker.

I am provider and, forgiver.

I am the group

however, I am not in every case boisterous.

I have persistence

however, on the off chance that I lose everything make sure to stay away.

I can be edge

however, additionally a fallen angel

in the event that you are pleasant to me once I will fourfold

however, on the off chance that you hurt me ensure I don't see you

I will resemble an irate lion

I will pursue you like a tiger

at the point when I discover you I will tear you, chomp you and, hurt you multiple times increasingly like the human scorpion.

In the event that you regard me I will regard you more

On the off chance that you love me I will revere.


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