To a Dark Girl

in #poetrylast year


I love you for your brownness,

What's more, the adjusted haziness of your bosom,

I love you for the breaking pity in your voice

What's more, shadows where your wayward eyelids rest.

Something of old overlooked sovereigns

Hides in the flexible relinquish of your walk

What's more, something of the shackled slave

Wails in the beat of your discussion.

Goodness, minimal darker young lady, conceived for distress' mate,

Keep all you have of queenliness,

Overlooking that you used to be slave,

What's more, let your full lips snicker at Fate!


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Hey @joshman, Tag abuse was retired from the categories but I believe that had more to do with tribe related tag abuse. I still think flagging introduceyourself spam is legit for SFR. Maybe flag for spamming introduceyourself so the bot will pick it up as a sort of catch-22 until we can figure out something more definitive.

Brown is a great color.

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