Rainy Days

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Rain is raising goosebumps
In puddles

Sending an icy shiver
Down my back,

Pervading my stillness
With abject loneliness.

The past is in the mist,
Gray distances...
And childhood remembrances.

Drizzle dampens everything
Making noon solemn,

Turning nearby windows
To candle-lit icons.

Storms with jagged arms
Of lightning
Don't frighten me

But the morose
Grayness of the haze,

The unending tedium
Of rainy days.

I realize
Everything is gone
except traces of you
Inside me

And gradually,
The years and storms
Will also sweep this away

Leaving nothing left
But rainy days.

© 2018, John J Geddes. All rights reserved



Recuerdo cómo miraba la lluvia cuando era chica, @johnjgeddes. Todo se volvía tan lento, gris, tan necesariamente triste. Y miraba los niños correr afuera, mojarse en la lluvia, y yo dentro de casa porque mi madre tenía miedo que me enfermara. Para los otros niños la lluvia era felicidad, para mí era encierro! La lluvia puede limpiar y refrescar el alma, pero a veces crea pocitos de agua que salen por los ojos. Un abrazo en esta noche de domingo!

Es tan cierto: los elementales son el correlativo objetivo de nuestros estados de ánimo

In your deep and expressive words, the rain has become a novel full of senses and expressions. You are truly creative

a very poetic comparison! thank you :)

Captured a solemn rainy day beautifully in this poem, John. The ending left me melancholic, which I strangely love.

Yes, somehow sadness can often be beautiful - as the ancient Romans wrote, lacrima rerum - tears for things

Always enjoy your poems, dear friend @johnjgeddes...
This one is awesome...🥂☕
Love it...❤

Have a lovely day...!

You are most welcome, friend...
Would you please give me some suggestions about my works... I also write poetry...😀
Thank you very much before...☕❤

@johnjgeddes are u enjoing in rainy seasons ?

Really beautiful I got very inside. I would like to translate it into Spanish and narrate it

The rain likes to dress as Musa, to love lonely hearts, to wash the pains of lost loves, even to open wounds that were believed to be healed. What a beautiful poem @johnjgeddes.

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This is nice poetry, I like it. But how ware you made it well?

Wow in your deep and expressive words btt your imagenesan all most very fublesh I like it