Own POEM (How I feel)

in #poetry4 years ago

"How I feel"

My body is Light, yet I feel so heavy.

I want to fight, but my soul weary.

I am strong, but I’m also weak.

I need some light, but my eyes are blind.

The solution is clear, yet my answer is not.

I admit my mistakes, but I’m afraid to lose.

I want to stand, and yet I fall.

My actions are good, but the motives are wrong.

Doing what is right, is sometimes what is wrong.

I want to be free, but still I stay.

I want to be true, yet my lies lead me stray.

I acknowledge weak, and live to be strong.

Although my weakness is revealed, but still I pray.

I’m full of hope, but I’m too weak to hold on.

For in the eyes of others I am strong, but I know within myself that they are wrong.

This is a poem I made to lighten up my feelings. Now I'm bombarded with too much problems, I even ended up loosing my own self at the commotion. But still I know this is only a challenge given by God, and I know and believe that I will get through this because of his grace and love.

Good Day everyone :)


it is definitely going to be okay. Everything will eventually work out as it should. I understand some days are dark, sad and gloomy but if we had it all good then we wouldn't be grateful for the good days. I love the poem. it would help someone else going through something similar