I Know But I Can't Stop (Original Poetry)

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I Know but I Can't Stop

(Original Poetry)


I know this feeling is futile
I know this fantasy will never be real
But why is it difficult to stop dreaming
Why is it so difficult to stop this feeling?

I know he likes me but can never be love
I know I like him, but he’s not hitting marks
I know I know and it’s crystal clear
Gosh! How can I make this feeling disappear?

Everyday I remind myself how wrong you are for me
Everyday I tell myself that never will you fall for me
Everyday you prove I am just nothing to you
Everyday I soak to that thought just to forget you

I don’t want to see you
I don’t want to hear you
I don’t want to speak to you
I just want to forget you

Hoping that time and distance will remove everything
Hoping that reality to me will finally sink in
I am not confused but I just can’t stop
But I know, I know someday you’ll just be in the past


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