Charming coin from the tree – a poem of the Mystery

in #poetry2 years ago

Moon behind bars pixa.jpg
Well you know what it’s all about
Just whisper you don’t have to shout
the name from rooftops way up high
it’s on the breath just like a sigh

The psychopomp Mercurius
By many names the source of bliss
eternal mystic consciousness
revealed word by word like this

A coin by any other name
is still as cryptic just the same
designed in code the key encode
to bring you to the motherload

The mother answers all your prayers
just keep the faith you bulls and bears
the token gesture’s all you need
to catch Her eye, source code and seed

You don’t have to take my word
the word you need is more absurd
like miracle and magic spell
you’ll charm that token I foretell

So listen to the sound with care
you’ll hear the message in the air
Revealing all you wish to know
to claim your prize within the flow


The poem is mightier than the word.
The word is mightier than the sword.

such an inspirational message

from kryptonia: fernwehninja