Point of no return

in #poetry4 years ago

We have passed the point of no return, it’s to late to try and learn, we must continue on now, this is what we allow.

The cycle has begun, no chance for a dry run, altering the path now would have unimaginable consequences, we must come to our senses. There is no retreat, set in concrete, it’s knocking at our door, it has come to the fore.

Where we came from Isn’t there anymore.

It’s the rich against the poor.

Stop bickering, stop snickering,

about black and white,

or what they said tonight,

gay or straight,

don’t get irate,

about what they contrive

for us to arrive

so we can’t thrive.

Politicians ambitions

distortions about abortions

they distract your motions

and take the fight,

as they take flight

to where they benefit

so we can’t throw a fit

about the real cause,

and it’s because

they want you distracted

words they redacted,

they lie, steal, and cheat,

so together we must meet.

Enough faux pas,

without pause,

use your real eyes,

to realize,

these real lies,

don’t you know,

how it really go,

they’re trying to dumb you down,

so it’s time to take their crown,

time to retake your town.

Start local,

get vocal.



and energize.

Matthew Gooch 2015

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