Lost Chance (An Original Poem)

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Lost Chance

There he was, standing proud and tall.
Yet, between us, there is an invisible wall.
How I wish I could talk to him and say,
That even at night, he shines like the day.

He sat directly across from me at the table.
I would have spoken to him, had I been able.
It was like fate had played with me,
That table wasn't where I was supposed to be.

I secretly peek at him, from the corner of my eye,
His handsome visage is the cause of my sigh.
If only I didn't have to stay away from him,
Then maybe right now, I wouldn't be so grim.

Many times, my heart debated with my mind.
If only time I could rewind....
So that I could have asked you without much difficulty,
to have a visible memory taken of you and me.

Who is now the one with regrets?
Who is now the one who frets?
The chance that I did not take,
Had left my heart discontented in its wake.

Now I blame myself for the lost chance,
because all I could do was stare at your stance.
I guess a coward is what I must be called,
For the chance of which I failed to take hold.

If you would believe me, I started composing this poem in my head during our high school junior-senior prom ( I was senior then), because, well, that was the premise of the poem. :P
And I finished it in our hotel room after the prom (my friends and I pooled our resources and booked a room beforehand)
I think it was past midnight when I wrote this, or maybe it was the morning already.
I basically just typed typed away on my phone (which still had a keypad back then), finished it within minutes, and the result is what you will find above.
Anyway, I think you can get the gist of what happened when you read it. :3


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I really like this and it is well put together. I've also kept all my poems that I wrote while I was younger, it's nice to look back and reread them.

hahaha I agree. There are certain past writings I have though that make go "what was I thinking?" XD just making go scringe and all. But there are also some that make me go "that sounded quite nice. did I really write this?" hahaha but overall, I think the idea of keeping them and being able to look back is priceless :3

Who is he? A crush?

Was. Hahaha. That was a long time ago.

Now nothing. Haha. We're not even friends anymore coz I totally ruined it by not talking to him. XD but that's history.

His-story or yours?

hahahaha my story. okay that looks like mystery when combined.