Loving You (An Original Poem)

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Loving You

I can't explain how I feel,
but I know that the pain is too real.
I can't fathom why,
but this feeling makes me want to cry.

I never should've believed,
now this pain I have to heave.
You liking me was never possible.
I can't believe I ever thought it was plausible.

The pain I feel now is incredibly crushing.
How stupid I was for misunderstanding.
It really hurts to feel this way,
and I don't know when I'll ever be okay.

Why I fell for you is not a mystery,
but I never thought it would cause me much misery.
Loving someone has never caused me much pain.
And to think, from loving you, this is all I could gain.

So I don't know why else I can't let go,
when in fact you've caused me much woe.
But there is just nothing that I could do,
to stop myself from loving you.

Took this from my previous blog.
I can't believe it's been years since I wrote this. XD
I was in high school then. Oh, high school, you know the feels. Hahahaha.
Another look on the high school teeny-bopper version of me.
Edited a few words in the last line because they just didn't seem to connect. :3



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Very deep poetry Post more please

Beautiful. This means so much, thank you for sharing.

thank you. :3