The Boy I Almost Loved

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The Boy I Almost Loved

He was a boy, barely a man in age
But he held in his mind a whole world
In his eyes, an entire universe unknown
And yet no partner to share with; he chose to be alone.

He was a boy; a boy unlike most boys
For he preferred the sciences when all else preferred the chicks.
He believed love to be superficial
And no, he wasn't trying to be whimsical.

He was a boy, a weird kind of boy
But not the kind of weird that is considered bad.
A weirdness that would have amused and amazed
And a quirkiness that would have left you in a daze.

He was a boy, maybe just another boy to most.
He was the son of his mother and father, and the eldest of three.
He was by all essence, a boy, who was all of the above.
And he was the boy, the boy I almost loved.



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'what a boy'....nice read