The Great Mother's Conscious Kiss: A Poem to my Lady, as we Celebrate 16 years!

in #poetry4 years ago (edited)


I called you before, answering your call. I have pronounced you queen of your Dream, thus appear to you all. Your desire has flown in wild flights of the night, coming back with fearful thoughts, seeming wrinkles of fright.

But what of Here, centered, grounded in Truth, now follow this moment without the past behind, it's this instant that reveals such brilliance sublime.


Oh Great Witch of the North, dreamer of dreams, Know ye not you ultimately Emanate everything? Oh is that too much for you to know, blaming others of which you must forgo, lest you believe in illusions you kept for yourself, as you cry when your mis-creations seem to be stealing your wealth?


Maybe it's time to leave the ice of cold stone gods and dance your way past snow frozen globes, which harden dreams that limit your pose. I blow a kiss, it's yours for the taking, realizing it's power, your deepest state in the making.

You have the magic, taming the tides, your subconscious wish is my pleasure to provide, it's all very effortless, like a Swan in it's glide.


Mirroring yourself as a twin of two, even though creating a billion relections, haven't you come to the biggest clue? One times One always equals You.

Now hearts open outward, that's radiance you show, take full responsibility, as you melt all the snow, revealing a perpetual Spring as you come to Know, now it's all love in pure beauty and glow.


Original poertry by @kuttlefishx : Inspiration Junkie~*


If this article moved you and or informed you or you just love to vote comment and resteem, do by all means. We are each other's audience here on Steem!

I want to give a shout out to @trucklife-family for helping restarting my rhyming machine;D

©2018 M.Joseph All rights reserved.


this is beautiful @kuttlefishx, and thank you for the shout out. I'm doing a post introducing some new steemians, i know you have been on here a little while but I would love to include you and your art in that post. Keep those words coming x

Cool beanz dear one! I just got finshed commenting on @eco-alex post about @ecotrain and saw your wonderful comment to him.
Wow the Sychro-bliss-tic vibe that seems to be happening is truly sweetly sublime.
Small big world here in these steemie seas.
Thank you and your very welcome! for inspiring the poetic feelings I have missed for a while now.
Yes please do what you wish,
I have not formally introduced myself on Steemit as of yet, so go with your art heart, I appreciate you and your energy!

Ps Lol I had to come back in this comment because Lynn just reminded me I was on her account!
She say hello and Princy our poodle says bark!

thank you @kuttlefishx, I have really enjoyed your poetry and so happy I have inspired you, please keep it coming. Hello to Lynn and Princy xx

Great, nice to meet you, i like it

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