Words Are Swords

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Words Are Swords

My words are swords, it's getting worse when I'm writing a verse
Possessed, I do this when I sleep, I don't need to rehearse

I thought that I was blessed, but now I see it's like a curse
My speech is dense, I like to eat your minds until I burst

I'm like a kid who never grew up, stubborn and it hurts
They're asking why I do this and I say because it works

Refused to sell my lyrics for a living, this ain't merch
This is my wayout and it's as simple as it gets

Been doing this for decades and I've never had regrets
If I can't get my hands on paper I'm just gonna use my flesh

If I catch myself running away from all this mess I guess
I'll be happy and refreshed, one stone but two birds

One whole minus two thirds, cause I miss my two friends
This became a nuisance, this is just my two cents

And I'm writing texts to help them tie up any loose ends
They don't mind the dirt if it's to help them find some new gems

Embrace the challenge.

But be careful what you wish for.

Original Poetry by @lordneroo
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Thanks for passing by!

Steady verses, of words nothing but emotions.
Much love bro 💙

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Thank you for the nice words!

Beautiful piece!

Que espadas tan profundas, perforan el alma.

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