My Love

in #poetry4 years ago


The alarm clock is ringing
It is early in the morning
The sun is already awake
To the unripe world it smiles
Dewdrops glitter
On the beautiful green leaves
and sheathes of grasses -
That are gently wavering

My dear,
my sweet lovely angel,
The love of my life
Rise up with me
Hold my hands tightly
I want us to leave,
I want us to go,
Lose ourselves in our arms.
I want us to waste away for ages

My love,
I want us to go,
Get lost within our souls
Climb up the furthest top of our love
Get buried
In the deep crater
of our hearts,
Where no one in the world will ever find us

I want us to go now
Ahead of the dusk
and its numbing chill
I want us to leave,
While we still have the light
Before our eyes are blinded
Blinded by the dark
My sweet lovely angel,
Let us leave now


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