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I can't fall in love.

There is this one thing
people had always told me.
It's very easy to let yourself fall in love.
But, it's not always easy to stay in love.

So, when i saw you,
with that broad smile on your face,
I promised myself to never fall for you.
Your eyes, were a map to all my destinations, but I was too afraid to follow it,
so I changed my path to reach there.

Your silence, had a lot of unsaid
things hidden behind it waiting to
be heard, but I chose to not
listen to them whispering in my ear.

Your smile was rare,
which made it difficult to not love,
but there I was, smiling back at you,
holding myself back,
from falling a little every single minute.

You made things seem easy,
you made everything perfect
even though it wasn't, but,
here I was, trying to reason
between my heart and mind.

So, the other night,
when you asked me,
why didn't I ever fall in love with you,
all that I could say was,
as beautiful as this feeling is,
it's the only thing that scares me.

And, when something scares you,
there are two things you can do.
Either, fight it.
Or, let it go.
Nor did I fight, nor did I let it go,
and that's why, I can't fall in love.

Image Source : Pixabay