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I want to know what the
sand feels when the waves
brush right past it.
Or maybe even catch a glimpse of
how the sun makes the
ocean feel when the sun
reflects its light on to it.
It's strange- falling into
thoughts that can't be defined.
I think it is more strange
how we limit every emotion to a tiny word.

This is why I call two people, two worlds.
And each world casts a
new shadow across another,
and your left with a whole new world,
which brings fresh fruits to your own.
How glorious it is to know that
even with all this change,
and two people coming together,
and all the vast emotions encircling
the two closer and closer,
the words aren't there.
The words aren't even needed.
Labels are gone.

And me and you, we can rest in a world of sun, the sea, in a world of our own; while drifting through the world of everyone else. How beautiful is it, feeling and getting lost in just that.

"How can I not say we are one,
When we connect together
Like streams from the same river."

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very touch ,, and i really like this :)

Interesting, we more or less bleed into each other by proximity, I take a little of you, you take a little of me till it's almost a perfect fit