Eyes Closed.

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Today I kept my eyes closed.
I did not want thoughts of
you to drift away,
but to stay right there in your
arms where I fell asleep that day.

Little did I know there was
a purpose to my daydream.
At the tip of the mountains
around the snow is where
I caught a glimpse of a shooting
star traveling back in time.

Bright just like the twinkles in your eyes,
it had come to take me to you.
To a place where you and
I could be an us.
I did not have to make a wish,
it wrapped itself around my
aura and took me away.

I saw images my memory
had tucked away.
Heard countless number of
times you filled my lungs with giggles.
You never failed to keep the
smile in my eyes and
blanket my heart with your joy.

As I swayed through the
sky kissing every bubbled
cloud goodbye to make my way to you.
I tasted the sweetness of your
love waiting in our forever place.

Today I kept my eyes closed,
for I did not want thoughts
of you to drift away.

Image Source : Pixabay




Unfortunately , we can’t always walk around with our eyes closed... eventually we have to open them and face reality.

Yes,reality is harsh and facing the reality is scary but eventually it teaches us more lessons than our dreamy world could ever teach.
Thank you for your opinion. It was wonderful

Yours Reader