Is it Wrong to Wish to See You?

in #poetry3 years ago


Is it wrong to wish to see you?
To want you to stand right here
in front of me. I would give anything
to lose myself in your eyes and spend forever hypnotized.

Oh to feel you.
To watch my arms
leave my side weightless, as my
hands near your face. And when the
tips of my fingers gently caress
the softness of your skin, euphoria
will have consumed me.

Is it wrong to wish to taste the sweet
nectar that sleeps over your lips?
To inhale every breath so carefully
dancing through your lungs. And
with every kiss, to drink your love
that I have spent all my life craving.

Is it wrong to wish to see you?

Image Source : Pixabay




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Beautiful lines
Very romantic

❤️ this poem. Is it wrong to want to feel that? It should never be wrong to want that.... but it hurts and is disappointing to never get that.