The One.

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We all want those little things.
From getting up to breakfasts in bed,
to a hug everytime things
seem to be falling apart.

We want to see how it feels,
to be accepted and understood,
for who we are.
Times are rough,
and this world isn't an
easy place to live in,
and not everyone can have everything.

But, everyone has something.
Something, someone,
who makes it all seem easy,
who makes love seem like all
things and not just something's.

They're there.
To see you escape a storm.
But, they're also there,
when you are walking in that storm.

We all need that one person,
who knows who we are.
Who knows what kind of
fear can eat us up,
and who knows,
that it takes a different kind of
love to heal you.

The kind which reminds you,
of who you are,
and, the kind, which makes
you that one person who we all need.
And, sometimes,
that's enough to make a difference.

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Sometimes we need to be that person for ourselves ... we don’t need someone else to tell us everything is going I be ok.... although it would be nice .... but we need to make sure WE tell OURSELVES that we will be ok .... it’s rare that someone actually finds the person you describe..... usually that’s all conditional .... once conditions change or aren’t met .... then they disappear ..... or no longer love ... or whatever excuse they give ..... so you need to make sure you can stand tall and make sure you make it all okay for yourself .

So true.
Thanks for your comment.