The Sleeping City

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Photo taken by me

The Sleeping City

The city slumbers
Opening her veins
to the empty
By unfamiliar plight
in her drowsiness

Glass shields
Protecting the fragile.
Triumphant in cowardice
Sullen in their glory

They hold
Enacting inaction
While the silent assassin
Takes the weak
Slowly starving in the
Lukewarm river
of nothing


This is one of two poems I wrote about New York City during the COVID19 pandemic. I was able to visit the city for work purposes and witnessed the emptiness of it. If you've ever been to the city, you can appreciate how eerie it must be to see it devoid of activity. They call it The City That Never Sleeps. I saw it sleeping, and it was a bit jarring.

I said that this was one of two poems. It is actually a rewrite of another poem. As an idea for a poetry prompt, I thought it would be cool to rewrite a rhyming poem as a non-rhyming poem. So I gave it a shot and this is what resulted. The original poem is here.

Please let me know your thoughts below.


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