One Moment

in #poetry3 years ago

Just for a moment I plead to sit in solitude. Pen in hand. These words I seek, I beseech you, pour out on the page. Not by force. Not by duress.

Out of sight. Out of bright and beautiful sight. I do find respite. To burrow into the unseen spaces to stir an easy heart. In solitude, I find no rest. Words. They be an unending grind. I find them not. Sometimes.

Autumn came early this year. The sighs and buzzes of the hornets tickle my ears as they spend their final moments on my window’s ledge.

Beyond the meadows, the drones, who are by time redundant made, seek rest where flowers no longer bud.

Now, I know there is no quiet in solitude, face to face with the things that were. They shan’t ever leave. In the solitude, not for a moment solace I find.



@nicholas83 you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

Awesome piece of poetry. Nicely delivered. I love the twist of words and the perspective from which you write from.

Thanks so much.

Thanks for writing some lines on poetry.

Thanks much.

Now, I know there is no quiet in solitude

Beautiful way to describe the internal noise. There is no way for solitude to be silent if there is no inner peace. The torment is not outside, it is well inside and, therefore, it will scream and scream until the sea is attended. I love what you write because I feel that strong being fighting against so many adversities.

Gracias. I am happy you are still reading my stuff.

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Dear @nicholas83

I just decided to visit your profile and check out your latest content only to notice that you didn't blog in quite a while already.

Hope you didn't give up completely on Steemit?

Cheers, Piotr

thx 4 the upvote!

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