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Come closer you the heads of Òdùduà,
Come closer you the nearby inhibitants,
Come closer the crowned heads of Ilé-Ifè,
Come closer all lower animals on this big blue marble,
Come and get wind of a myth of àkànní and mopélólá.
One day on his way to the nearby village,
With a bosom-buddy which accompanied him,
He converged a dame whose apollo,
Inhumed àkànní face to his mouth,
And dumpfounded his limb to infold position.
Àkànní halted for a spell,
In thousands mouth that marvelled,
And whisper this to his bosom-buddy swivel,
And they both pull to pieces in atonishment peep,
As their tremble their bones in change of mind.
Àkànní who went away of all his flesh,
Hearten his body to the moll's baby blue,
Begin to chant in spirit tongue.
He orates to the lassie,
In stuttering hoppers,
That her whelming face hauled him to freeze.
Àkànní gives voice to mopélólá,
In buxom voice of proposing.
'phew hold-up, phew hold-up',
Can i have colloquy with you for just momentarily,
'Said àkànní to mopélólá'!
Mopélólá whose pulchritude is the talk on the libs of Àdàbà,
Kisses goodbye to the stunning elegance face of àkànní.
Àkànní implies word to mopélólá,
Arewà, i have been scrutinizing you far off,
Mopélólá shoots back,
'Yes any qualm',
Àkànní inquired "NO".
Àkànní hunts for sobriquent,
Mopélólá gives voice she is head turner,
'What a beautiful nomen'
Àkànní eulogizes mopélólá.
Àkànní in no delay,
Orates his pseudonym is 'Eni bi okan mi',
Mopélólá looks thus amused in a rivers beam,
Àkànní said to mopélólá,
'Can you give me your stunning love?
Mopélólá retorts, 'her heart is impermissible for gold to purchase',
Àkànní ripostles to mopélólá,
'He is a courterstep which will purchase her the heavenly body,
Only if she consents to his proposition.
Mopélólá vigorously gally her eye,
Deeply to àkànní face,
She squelches to àkànní,
'She can see tall story glossy in his eyes!'.
Àkànní said she is only looking into his eyes,
But in his voice and word he speaks,
Lies in his heart for her.
Mopélólá respires and the wind whisles to àkànní's lungs,
'She has consented to your proposition',
And they both departed into their own body!