Black Hole - Entrance

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The sound of an engine whirled through the darkness of space, a distant hum, reflecting technological advancements of a race, The Paramount Explorer had been traveling through space for more than three hundred earth years. The dating machine upon the craft, displayed the year as four thousand and eighty two, a time period that saw humans, gods from a small blue planet.

The Paramount Explorer was a wonder to behold, it was a ship the size of a city, a giant of giants to say the least, three exhaust compartments were at the rear, glowing blue on a cruise, and red in light speed, and three antenna like structures crowned it's head, colored red, white and green, they flickered on and off, switching colors as it dragged through the darkness.

The earth had changed so much from what it used to be, the aeon age came faster than anybody had anticipated, new major discoveries were made in almost all aspects of life, from medicine, to transportation, food, robot technology and even warfare, the only barrier that held mankind back was time travel, and with such outrageous development at such a cranked pace, the resources of the earth dwindled into exhaustion.

The Paramount Explorer was a joint project of the six world powers, with meager contributions made by even smaller countries, everybody wanted in on the action, and besides it was to save the earth, to save humanity, it's goal was simple, find another habitable planet or never return.

It left the atmosphere of earth on the thirteenth of may, from a Launchpad in San Francisco, three thousand and ninety five, with a crew of seventeen thousand men, and fifteen thousand women, divided into three sections, The Promate , home to the elite and the rich, the middle class, called The Pantais , and the least, a combination of the poor and those that just wanted to leave their troubles behind on the earth, this section was called The Poultry.

The Paramount was an engineering marvel, with its own atmosphere, renewable energy and factories that recycled everything, from water to cars, to the very dust under feet, nothing was wasted, in its cocoon, was a world of its own, where there was no day or night, people took shifts to work the ship, aided by robots, twenty five years a shift and then going into cryo sleep, but still many generations had come and gone .The most important people, the most brilliant minds, they were left in a permanent cryo state, only to be awakened when they were needed on important issues.

The Paramount Explorer was painted in pure black, making it one with the darkness of space, and so many years of flight had designed the exterior with ice, from the outside it looked like a big egg.

My name is Michael Graey , I was born aboard the Paramount, the date and time, I do not know, I think, I am of British descent, but my mother was a woman of color, and everything I've spoken about the earth, I read in books and saw in videos, and most were told to me by my teachers in the school, so the stories of earth has been passed on from generation to generation.

I was born with great physical strength so at a tender age I was whisked away from my family in the Poultry, to be trained in combat and weaponry and join the military service.

I spent five years in training, close combat, aviation and weaponry, I graduated top of my class, I was extremely fortunate, for not many made it out of the Poultry, not to talk of serving in a service.



wow! nice post. have a great day.

to be astronout is one of my dream when i was child. Hahaha.. nice for sharing anyway.