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Hello guys, @pasaift here. It's been a while I posted here. Actually lost my phone. So today I came up with this poem and decided to share it here. Do enjoy.

Deep in thought my mind drifts off
In a quest for answers where none may exist
To arenas ruled by things that cut both ways
A dangerous place to dwell for long

I wander into the land of the lost
A place many go in times of worry
To return most times without answers
Feeling worse than they entered

A desolate I have now become
Wasting almost into oblivion
slowly becoming a deaden
But still hoping for halcyon

I stumble upon something bright
With a liffted spirit I shout eureka
I've found the answer I long sought
A solution to the problems I face

Pleasant sounds i hear from turtledoves
My manna replenishes and exhilarates me
I feel a great weight lifted from me
my captors are no more and my mind freed.
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First time seeing a post of yours but really it's good, your word combination are closely accurate......your in Nigeria right?

Thanks for the compliment. Yes I'm Nigerian