POETRY PHOTOGRAPHY - Loving you and nature has shown me the sweetest irony

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We will explore the pockets of places in our world as we explore the pockets of the places within us- spots no one has ever dared to step foot in- let alone voyage through, let alone stay. I like it here, in your presence- I'll stay awhile, and by awhile we both know I mean eternity. The darker roads, the worn out paths, the exhausted streets, the eager valleys, the reserved hills, the rough corners, the tip of the mountains, the vast open meadows, the introverted caves, the gentle cities, the chaotic cities, the in between "under construction" sites, the deep, deep oceans- all of it- I will experience all that the map of your mind, body, and soul are composed of- I want to taste, see, smell, hear, and touch. We have eternity, remember? I want to look around and in you and the places we discover to learn about myself and this world. Loving you and nature has shown me the sweetest irony: How being in the vicinity of something so breathtaking (both you&nature), I am reminded to breathe- to remain grounded and take it a day at a time- and that is, the most
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