Birthday Poetry For @Lordjames

in #poetrylast year


It's a few minutes to call the day off but not saying something about you just doesn't feel right because I knew you through this blockchain community. So even though 15th of April was the day. Let me drop this

Mama told me about diamonds

She said they are rare

Very hard to come by

She told me when I find one

I shouldn't let go

I found a diamond in someone

Someone I knew from afar

Never knew we will have a relationship

And when we did

It didn't just end as an ordinary association

It blossoms to an amazing friendship

I found a friend that always gives a shoulder

I found a friend to share my pains and heart

I found a friend that's humble

I found a friend that's caring

I found a friend that makes my boring atmosphere to become lively

I found an amazing friend

I didn't just find a friend

I find a diamond also

And as mama taught me

I will hold on to you

For you are a diamond

And you are rare

Happy Birthday, @lordjames. Thanks to this blockchain community for giving me the opportunity to meet an amazing fellow like e you.


Thanks so much, @prechyrukky, this made my birthday. I am glad our path crossed, keep being such a nice friend.

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