These images are super. And you have the words to go with it. WOW.

Thank you :)

Dope! I love your poem! Congratulations and Good Luck on your 100 Day Challenge. Are the images yours or from Google?

Haha.. Thanks :)

The images are from google. I stated that in my post :)

You're welcome
I am aware that you stated that the images are from Google, right under that statement, it says writing & images by @rayne122 just a little confusing
Keep up the great work

Yeah. Now that I read that, it also seems confusing to me. Truth is, that line means that they are my own content. I didn't copy paste from anywhere.

Thanks for clearing that for me.

Hey @rayne122 thanks for the entry! This poem intrigued me. Really liked considering silence as a scream. Awesome images too. Adding you to Intermediate category. Enjoy this 100-day long ride! :-D

Yeah.. Thanks..
I will try to enjoy the ride. But I wonder if I can stay on the boat for 100 days ! XD

I love it... silence becomes our scream sometimes. And it speaks more. .when we cant find the words.... its a short but a deep poem. Great

Thank you :)
Glad you liked it !

When everything is already said,
You can lie down on your bed.

This is where the real silence starts. You just lie down, close your eyes and listen to the inner voice.

Beautiful piece, I like it.

Thank you.. I tried to make the poem as real as possible ! :D

I love poem.This is a unique poem.

Thanks a lot. :)

nice one bro. Love to see and read more from you.. :)

Thank you :)
I will try not to disappoint you ! :)

Wonderful piece. Silence, the very thing that answers fools also imprisons the wise, Silence as a scream. Beautiful

Thank you.. Be tuned for more everyday ! :D

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