A Poem - Empty Flower Pot

in #poetry11 months ago

Politicians living in gated communities
Sending ideology from top down
With royal diplomatic immunity
Believing in their invisible crown
Doping the population with a partisan media
Conflating meaning buried in an encyclopedia
Economic mismanagement
Rising malcontent
Living lies and ignoring cries
One rule for me and another for thee
I heard you once
I heard you twice
False Left and false Right divides
Imaginary arguments against the non-existent
Adopt the third position slides
To the forefront through the distant
Incoming storm raging wild wind
Exploding bombs shattering windows
Looking at skin saying it sinned
Anticipating evil shadows
Polarised people and polarised nations
Breaking apart Western foundations
Blood soaked generations
Traumatized incarnations
From nazis to communists
Making non-crime hate lists
Too much information
Too much conformation
Multiple narration
Loss of normative order
loss of narrative order
Meaning crisis
Meta crisis
Bullshit rises
In soft brains
School trained
No analytical critical thought
Just an empty flower pot


Irish Writer, Poet, & Lover

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