A Poem - Frogmarched OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

in #poetry11 months ago

As we frogmarched them out of MY COUNTRY
There was cries of racism
But they were criminals
Uneducated masses
Things to be removed

"Get out of my country!"
We shouted at the English feckers
As they gave us £100 billion in damages
None of that euro shite
32 counties united

With a united Ireland
The next step was most difficult
Asserting dominance
Over the Southerners
The uneducated masses

It would be a two tiered society
Northern Irish first class
Southerners second class
Unless they could read and write
And follow the rules of the road

Racism they would claim!
Southerners can't follow rules of the road
So we built a border
Dividing the north and the south
All was good, it was a Friday


This is my latest nonsense poem, taking themes from multiple areas and mingling them into tangible incoherence.

Irish Writer, Poet, & Lover

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