Waste in our brain

in #poetry8 months ago


the earth cries from waste
scattered from east to west
not only in the north to the south pole
all left big holes

fill the surface to all the layer
all piled up thicker
full of plastic and poison
until it spreads over the horizon

whether our hearts have been killed and dead
because trash has filled our heads
until the brain and consciousness are lost
leaving the undead like ghosts

let's wake up and realize
find in sense the coolness of the mist
remember all the consequences
rediscover a friendly conscience

on the earth that has given life
makes everything like a hive
let's pick up the trash on the head and brain
until we can meet again

then picks up waste on land and water
with the intention that life is better
facing tomorrow
with joy and sorrow

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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