Breaking Mute

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If I’m louder will you see me? If I’m closer will you hear me?
Will you hear the audibility of the whispers I make in my silence, the original sound of my emotions?

I left unannounced I admit; I 've left severally anyways.
Each, shattering your emotions into shreds, a state that is undeserving for someone special of your kind.

I know you’re hurt, but I feel worse and i'm sorry!

Under the impression, you think I’m fine without you and I don’t love you anymore.
But that’s not entirely true because, each day, I think of you and I hold you in my heart to guide me through.

You think, I am too proud to come back for you.
Help me measure, and you will see it's lesser than how much i love you.

Is not that I don’t want you back, it just that I’m too scared to have you back,
I'm too scared to hurt and make you depress all over again,
I'm too scared, i'm too scared that i can't even promise you me

Am i too wicked to careless or Am i just to diligent in caring more?
Is my conscience so light as cotton to be easily blown away with the thought of you?

These, I'm absolutely clueless of, but what I know is exactly what you’ve always known that I love you and I don’t want to see you hurt anymore.

And so, I propose we hold on to what we share, try the waters, and explore other happiness until fate brings us closer enough to feel each other’s breath.

Until then, just know I love you still, no matter what, and there’s no apologies necessary for any offense.

Love Sam.

To: Priscilla AKua Sampson

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