Place where i Live KASHMIR

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)


The candIes of my Ionging have melted into the bIood

My moonIight is blinded by the scars of separation

I have been lost and wasted into an estrangement

By the broken thorns of being away

Even my wounds have crusted

and footprints on the snow, dried

Into the holy inscriptions on the shrine of my Love

The bulbul, no longer chirps

But sings, the songs of my ache

I wait for you in my unease

Quivering like a restless soul

Come and emancipate me from the pangs off this thirst

Your minarets have bIed even though they are solid

and the old chinars stand afflicted and heartbroken

The water from the chenab flows like the tears over the grave

and the candles of my longings have melted into the blood

my moonlight is blindedby the scars of separation.

In the walls of my heart only your name resonate,

Like Qays yearned for Laila,

Like a moth to a flame

I shall meet you when you are free

i shall meet you "oh Beloved KASHMIR"



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