The Moon Song

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Elĉerpaĵo "Luna Kanzono"

Patient, grazing... no glories to conquer.
The furious riders are gone.
Who knows? Perhaps they died
swallowed by the land they despised;
candidates of Olympus, miners of hope.

Patient, grazing, the land summons me.
And I run singing its choirs,
for my vocal cords to be of any use;
Because I gave myself the career to play its voices:
Vocation of caves and dark forests,
herald of hierarchies of ancient worlds
—ancient, very ancient, like the watchmaker's jewels.

I speak every night with the Moon
to grasp the secrets of this world,
because time doesn't stop and the nectar slips through my pores.
The spells of Selene keep me in the open,
ecstatic, intoxicated, able to see two universes in a drop of water;
perhaps a little exposed, humble below the sky, ashamed beside the flowers.

Just give me three diamonds worth so much freedom.
In this world you won't find them.
You get the seizure of those who trust politicians,
a foggy sky that doesn't clear,
heavy cravings for exploits and odysseys
and the failure to see how the trees rise,
invincible, above the dreams of men.

Abandon me, do not help me,
please don't talk to me, just forget me.
I prefer my world of grass and pollen.
I prefer my leather exposed to the passage of time.
My destiny has been written by the hands of gods;
This contract is my luck and the purpose of my dreams.

The original picture for the poetic poster comes from Pixabay

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Gracias! <3

You are a profound soul, Spirajin.

There’s much to admire, here (also, much that is familiar, that defies translation into words).

Safe inner travels, kindred spirit, and may what you seek, continue seeking you 🙏🏼✨

Thank you very much, dear @yahialababidi. I can perceive the deep connection I got with your spirit, simply as we care about similar things in life.

I love this picture! Is he Saint Francis? I have in plans to practice this kind of paintings, such styles, and fill my places with artworks like this. It's so inspiring!

Yes, that is St. Francis and as a fellow bird/animal lover, I admire his gentle spirit. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more of your art!

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Thank you! This is so encouraging!

Some time ago I was trying to find communities of writers in Steemit, but I couldn't find it. Now you bring it to me, "Isle of Write" <3 <3

Thank you again. I will join you there.

This was excellent and I'll be reading it tomorrow on my show.

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Oh I feel so deeply thankful seeing that people really like my poetry... I didn't expected this!

Thank you very much, this gives me reasons to keep following my real path despite all the problems.

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I would love to hear it, but I have to cross the city in order to enjoy any multimedia. I cannot do it from home.

The podcast will be on youtube, can listen to last week's episode here and once @shadowspub is done with any edits she wants to do, it will be on that same channel. Usually is a live stream, so should be available now :) I did not see this until after, or else I would have let you know sooner. Keep on the path.


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Thank you very much. I will download that video at the first chance. This makes me happy.


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