Cool Cotton (Terza Rima)

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I have got to thank @damianjayclay yet again. He got me writing poetry and what's more, he got me feeling like I don't suck at it. Most times. He is the one who introduced me to the Terza Rima, a lovely form that can feel cyclical in nature. You could start at any stanza, and it would work all the same.

That very thing made it a scary form to start on, but I'm so glad I persisted.


This poem feels very close to home again this week. My guy is in the military (bet you hadn't guessed that) and while he's not in distant lands at the moment, he just got back from a week of being standby on base.

He'll be home for exactly one week, and then he'll be off for three weeks of training in Doornik. I'll have him home for weekends, but I'll be on my own during the week. After training, he'll come home on Thursday, only to head back to base on Friday for another week of being standby.

But I knew that when I started dating him. Complaining now would be like buying a house next to train tracks and then complain about the noise. It's not easy, but it's what he loves doing. And I love him. So what is a girl to do but carry on?

Thank Goddess I have all of you to keep me sane.



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This is absolutely gorgeous poetry. Amazing work. You have real talent.

squirms with poetry envy

You need no poetry envy. You've written some beautiful pieces of your own. Hugs

I can't imagine what it's like to be partnered up with a military folk, but it's nice you can express your own feelings about it through some fantastic poetry.

Also, I'm going to have to hit up Brother Google to learn more about Terza Rima! :D

Who needs Brother Google when we have Brother Damian and his Poetry Academy? ;-)

You're not wrong! But is this a thingy I need to sign up for, because I unfortunately have a lot of irons in the fire.

Well, much like the #writers-workout, there is no deadline. You go through the exercises at your own pace. They are all pinned in the channel.

Ooooh! Imma go look :D Thanks!

This is great work, Tiny. You really make the most of this challenge and produced a quality terza rima. You also chose a fantastic subject which really works with the form at hand.

Thank you so much. swoons at high praise

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