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Sixty Second away.

Just a sixty seconds away...he was born into this world of beauty, full of Mountains of diamonds, golds and silvers.

Just a sixty seconds away...man fought and struggled to make himself comfortable in life, acquired the luxuries,

Just a sixty seconds away...but he forgot completely he was a stranger in a temporary and mystery world of illusion and deceit,

Just a sixty seconds away...he worked very hard and till the ground, hoarding his Gold, Silver and Diamond, he forgot himself, boastful and proud,

Just a sixty seconds away...while the Clock was thicking, his life was melting that very day he came to this world of vanity upon vanity man forgot,

Just a sixty seconds away...he walked bravely through the storms and the rain desperately with greed, looking for more treasures to keep, he destroyed, maimed and killed,

Just a sixty seconds away...man has forgotten his paradise, definitely he is at lost with the Time busying acquiring the treasures of this world, greedy walking with pride,

Just a sixty seconds away...he has thought this world was the most beautiful but he forgot about his life after life, in the last second of the minute, "I am the richest," he said,

Just a sixty seconds away...he looked back, plenty of treasures, he is been deceived by the beauty of the world only then he realised his sixty seconds away,
Definitely, man is at lost!



That is cycle of life. The worst part is the illution that there is time. Highest is 120 years and everything has ended. But when u hear 120 years u think thats plenty... But ask youself... How old are u now and how many years is remaining?

Great poem. I really do understand u.

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