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It Is The Heavens That Guides Me.

From the day that brightens me, by the the night that covers me, from morning to the evening, the two pillars that make me stand, it is the heavens that guide me.

I felt clutch of circumstance, I have not shaken nor cried aloud, I am strong and bold, my head is heavy but I am unbowed, every of my step, is guided with strength from above, it is the heavens that guide me.

Beyond the place of wrath and tears, looms with the horrors of the shade, I shall not be afraid from the menace of the fear, bold and strong, I stand a firm, it is the heavens that guide me.

I am the master of my destiny, the master of my words, this is my world, I am in control of my life, I shall not want, for sorrows is far away from me, from the heavens that guide my soul, I will never be afraid, it is the heavens that guide me.



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The Heavens guide me
i am strong
thanks for this
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